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Omron Omron - a global leader in the field of automation for over 70 years, is a manufacturer of technologically advanced industrial automation products. Research has shown that Omron's products are among the most reliable on the market. Goodwin Electronics is a Specialist Engineering Partner of Omron.

Omron Servo Motors & Drives

Omron Servos

Omron Servos - Omron offers a wide range of servo systems. Servo drives range from 50W to 55KW making them highly suitable for a wide range of applications. New servo drive ranges include the Accurax G5, the compact G-Series ML-II and the Smartstep 2. Omron's rotary servo motors employ a segmented stator design for improved heat transfer and a reduced motor size. Renowned for their superb quality and excellent reliability Omron servo motors include the new Accurax G5 and G-Series (Smartstep 2) as well as the Sigma 5 and Sigma II range. Read more.

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Omron Inverters

Omron Inverters

Omron Inverters - Omron offer an impressive range of frequency inverters suitable for a vast range of applications. General purpose inverters, ranging up to 400kW, include the new RX and MX2 ranges, the JX range and the G7,F7 and A1000. With a range of standard and optional I/Os Omron inverters are amongst the most widely used in Europe. Also available are dedicated feature packed inverters for variable torque applications such as pumps and fans. Other inverters are available with onboard positioning or brake control for lifts and cranes. Read more.

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