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Multistop Motion Control and Positional MeasurementGoodwin Electronics Motion Control and Positional Measurement Products: The MultiStop range of electronic motion control systems from Goodwin Electronics harness the latest digital technology to offer flexibility, exceptional display clarity and ease of use in a wide range of applications.

The range features two models - the MultiStop and the MultiStop Plus. Both models control up to two axis of motion. The MultiStop Plus has a full PID control loop designed for use with AC or DC Servo motors. Designed for panel mounting, MultiStop units are lightweight, sleek and compact. They are housed in robust casing designed for use in demanding production environments.

A high contrast backlit LCD display provides excellent clarity, while a membrane type keyboard features multi-function soft keys for access to a wide range of simple-to-program commands.


Simple to program
High contrast LCD display
User friendly diagnostics
Powertalk software, developed by Goodwin Electronics
Tactile keyboard incorporates multi-function soft keys for access to a wide range of commands
1 or 2 axis control
Up to 24 inputs and 24 outputs
Robust construction for panel mounted applications
Conforms to EMC requirements
Designed and manufactured by Goodwin Electronics


1 or 2 axis control
Relay or PNP transistor outputs
5V or 15V encoder supply


Drilling Machines
Fast Changeover Repositioning Stops
Back Stop Positioners
Rotary Tables

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