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Givi Misure Optical Scales

Givi Misure Optical Scales


Because of its "reduced size", it is particularly suggested for small Machine-tools or for applications with limited installation space.

Furthermore, the possibility of registration simplifies the alignment and makes use on rough surfaces easy (retrofitting and Machines for which application was not foreseen).



• Hybrid circuit calibrated by laser - high stability of the signals (negative signals from Line-driver) - direct
  output from slider.
• High reliability and speed of the zero reference impulses.
• Plastic moulded reader head with metal insert and sensor circuit (guaranteed 100.000 h working).
• Reinforced power cable without external connections (the connector is inside the slider).
• Rubber gaskets for a better fit of mechanical parts (in case of disassembly).
• Completely detachable for cleaning or replacement of internal parts - possibility of direct maintenance.
• Die-cast slider with setting screws and double fixing system (lateral and vertical holes).
• Lateral cups with setting screws and vertical fixing hole.
• Wide mounting tolerances.

All the ISA models of scales, whether in the standard or special versions, can supply suitable high-resolution signals directly from the slider: 1 µm for model ISA W1 and 0.5 µm for model ISA W05. A special high-integration circuit, so compact that it can be housed in the slider, divides up the grating pitch very accurately (by 2/5/10 times). This technique gives rise to significant advantages, since it increases performance, reliability and simplicity of installation, with consequent benefits in terms of costs as compared with other systems based on external interpolation.

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