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Givi Misure Digital ReadoutsGivi Misure Digital Readouts: Combined to appropriate transducers (rotary encoders or linear scales), the MERIT ME 510 solves all problems tied to counting and displaying of length or thickness measures, as well as of machined pieces number, which can arise on any type of manufacturing machine.

The MERIT ME 510 displays up to a maximum of 6 figures, with decimal point which can be set according to the need. Data saving at instrument turning off is assured on internal re-writable memory and no buffer battery is therefore required. A correcting factor of the input pulses can be set to obtain the display always matching the actual movements of the machine. Combinable transducers can be: an incremental rotary or linear encoder (linear scale).

The MERIT ME 510 offers several different application possibilities: in addition to all machines performing cuttings or machining at a preset size, the ME510 can be applied in various sectors, from the food sector (e.g. machines for pasta plants to predetermine the quantity of product to work), to the wood sector (e.g. honing machines to check the panel thickness), from steel sheets (e.g. presses to display the ram position or benders to indicate distance between rollers), to the glass (e.g. grinding machines for thickness control), marble (e.g. edge polisher to preset the operation of one head), to the fabric sector (e.g. finishing machines for meter counting with total and partial count).

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