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Baumer Encoders

Baumer Encoders

Baumer Encoders are ultra precise and highly dependable, their product range incorporates absolute encoders to incremental encoders and from ATEX to heavy duty.

Baumer Absolute Encoders

Baumer Electric's broad product range includes absolute encoders with magnetic and optical detection featuring either multiturn or singleturn sensing. Available in a versatile variety of mechanical designs with all common interfaces Baumer encoders are suitable for all manner of applications. Position value serial transmission is available using an SSI interface or a parallel interface can transmit the respective angular position to the evaluation electronics as data word in a unique code.

Baumer Incremental Encoders

For motor feedback and heavy duty applications Baumer incremental and sine encoders provide an ideal solution to provinding a link between periphery equipment and control in mechanical motion feedback systems. Baumer encoders are available with stainless steel housings or with explosion protection (ATEX-approved) and can perform reliably even in harsh environments.

Baumer Programmable Incremental Encoders

Provide all the benefits of standard Baumer Optical Incremental Encoders but provide great flexibility for changing of resolution as required, for appications, or for stock inventory where one inverter can take tthe place of many. Read more...

Baumer Encoders Without Bearing

For harsh environments Baumer encoders without bearings offer the extreme sturdiness and resistance against shocks and vibrations ensuring a longer operating life than competing products. Available in both absolute and incremental configurations these encoders are unsusceptible to dust and dirt and can operate in an extended temperature range. Available as compact, linear measuring system.

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