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Yaskawa V1000 Inverter

Yaskawa V1000 Inverter DrivesThe Yaskawa V1000 inverter is a general purpose inverter which sets high standards with regards to user friendliness and process orientation. The V1000 focuses on all aspects of application, maintenance, installation and operation. Available as a finless type inverter (perfect for applications which feature an external cooling system) features a built-in two channel hardware base block input.

Key Features

  • Dual Safety Input, safety category 3 (EN954-1) and stop category 0 (EN60204-1) and IEC-61508 SIL2
  • In normal duty (120% overload) oneframe size larger motor can be driven
  • Standard AC Motor and PM motor control
  • V/f and open-loop current vector control
  • One of the smallest inverter drives in the world
  • Side-by-side mounting
  • Icon-based programming
  • Designed for 10 years of maintenance-free operation

To discover more about the V1000 download the brochure below but if you require further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us

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