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Yaskawa J1000 Inverter

Yaskawa J1000 Inverter DrivesThe Yaskawa J1000 Inverter: The J1000 is a compact variable frequency inverter drive which provides efficient performance and energy saving features, perfect for a wide variety of compact applications. With simple "Plug'n Play" installation the J1000 offers easy parameter programming and controller functions while being highly adaptable, via upgrades, making this a drive well worth consideration.

Key Features:

  • V/f Control
  • Plug'n Play installation function Over-Excitation Braking
  • Easy parameter programming and controller functions
  • Braking Chopper
  • Heavy duty / normal duty rating
  • International standards

Below you will find a more comprehensive list of J1000 features and functions but if you find that you need to know more, or you need further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us

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J1000 Performance

  • Compact Design – Small design and side-by-side mounting reduce installation space and costs.
  • Stall Prevention Functions – Stall prevention ensures stabile operation during momentary power loss, change of load or power supply.
  • International Standards – RoHS, CE, cUL, UL compliance.
  • High Torque Performance – Detects load and automatically adjusts torque regardless the actual speed conditions.
  • Digital Operator – 5 digit display, 8 keys on the operator as well as Verify Function for changed parameter values.

J1000 Functions

  • Easy Set-Up Functions – Enables quick installation and operation.
  • Over-Excitation Braking – For quick deceleration without external braking resistor.
  • Maintenance monitor informs in advance about recommended maintenance for cooling fan and electrolytic capacitors.
  • Small Design – Big Power: 150% overload in heavy duty service is possible. For applications with low overload requirements the drive can be operated with 120% overload in normal duty service. Consequently you can use a drive of smaller size to do the work of a bigger one.
  • Tough Operation – Power-Loss-Ride- Through and Fault Restart Functions ensure continuous running of the motor.
  • Drive Wizard Plus – Free of charge parameter set-up and maintenance tool.

J1000 Options

  • Parameter Copy Unit
  • Optional LED Remote Operator
  • Serial Communication Option – Compatible with RS-422/485 Interface for MEMOBUS communication.
  • Speed Potentiometer

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If you need any additional help or advice, about the Yaskawa J1000 inverter, please do not hesitate to contact us

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