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Yaskawa A1000 Inverter

Yaskawa A1000 Inverter DrivesThe Yaskawa A1000 inverter offers a motor drive renowned for superb performance and excellent flexibility.


Yaskawa has over ninety years of experience in the manufacturing and supply of mechatronic products and in 2007 they produced their 10 millionth inverter. Following extensive research and development the A1000 was designed to be 55.4% smaller than the F7 inverter, more efficient and highly durable.

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Easy Start-Up

The A1000 automatically selects the most suitable optimisations setting parameters required for major applications making it easy to set up to achieve optimal performance. To save time in setting up the drive features a parameter copy function and the terminal block is able to save all parameter settings data. Features include; application parameter presets, screwless removable control terminal, Engineering tool DriveWizard Plus for parameter management and an application SW library. A USB Copy Unit is also available making it even simpler to back up settings or to instantly program a drive.

Safety Features

Momentary power loss is not a problem for the A1000 as it features sensorless control with all control modes for both induction and synchronous motors. In compliance with EN ISO 13849-1. PLC, IEC/EN61508 SIL2 Safe Torque Off (STO) is provided.


Highly efficient induction motor operation is possible via the drive's energy-saving control. Unparalleled energy saving is possible by using the A1000 energy-saving control capabilities with synchronous motors. A variety of protective designs are also available.


The YASKAWA Swing PWM function, featured in the A1000, suppresses audible high pitch motor noise which leads to a much more peaceful environment.

Drive Design & Functions

It is easy to choose either Normal or Heavy Duty operation making it ideal for a wide field of applications. Extremely compact setups are possible by using a Side-by-Side installation.

Permanent Magnet Motor Control

The A1000 is a general purpose inverter capable of driving both induction and synchronous motors featuring high performance open and closed loop vector control. It is able to perform position control, without motor feedback, using an Interior Permanent Magnet (IPM). The A1000 achieves high performance through the auto-tuning feature ( which optimizes the drive's parameters). 200% rated torque at 0 rpm.


The Yaskawa A1000 inverter is a compact designed drive which has been designed for maintenance-free operation with cooling fan, capacitors, relays, and IGBTs having a life expectancy up to ten years.

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