VIPA Accessories

VIPA Accessories

There are a range of accessories that VIPA can supply which expand the capability of the VIPA systems. These include telecommunications connections for remote monitoring, safety modules for a safer working environment, memory modules to expand the program or data storage available and various cables, connectors and modules to help with interfacing.

The Teleservice range of modules, used for remote monitoring, includes six different router options to choose from which provide for all telecoms platforms.

The safety relays, known as 'samosPRO', allows for the implementation of compact, fast and modular safety solutions. The samosPRO safety system enables complete and economic safety solutions that are more flexible than conventional relay technology.

Teleservice modules

Telesservice Modules

As demonstrated by numerous studies, up to 70% of the maintenance costs can be saved by preventive maintenance. A useful tool for this is the deployment of teleservice that enables a continuous monitoring and maintenance of systems. For this reason the VIPA teleservice modules offer a modern and intelligent kind of teleservice for the different types of transmission. Whether using conventional analog or ISDN line or via broadband connections such as ADSL and HSUPA (mobile communications) VIPA offers the complete range of solutions with the teleservice modules. The communication to your automation modules is established by MPI or PROFIBUS or via the Ethernet interface, which belongs to each of our devices as standard. The configuration of the VIPA teleservice modules is performed via a web browser. Additional software is not required.

Beside the robust hardware VIPA also offers a free service called Talk2M. Via this service you are able to establish a safe connection to your installation within seconds, regardless of whether you are communicating via mobile phone or a fixed line.

Teleservice of controllers, HMIs, frequency converters, roboters, IPCs etc. ia all possible. With the VIPA Teleservice modules, you have a perfectly balanced combination of hardware and software.

Safety Modules

Safety Modules

Performance and deployment 'samosPRO', allows the implementation of compact, fast and modular safety solutions for applications in mechanical and system engineering.

The programming is carried out with 'samosPLAN' software. You can download this software from this location. The programming software supports you during the programming phase by using graphic device configuration and an intuitively easy to operate functional diagram editor. In the certified function block library there are standard logic blocks AND, OR, NOT, XNOR, XOR as well as application specific logic blocks like emergency stop, two-hand, muting, pressing, mode selector, reset and re-start. Up to 255 of these logic blocks are deployable in a project.

The system configuration, including the system programs of the entire samosPRO system, is stored in the program removable storage memory. This offers the advantage that the samosPRO system does not have to be reconfigured after the replacement of the connection modules.

Up to four samosPRO controller modules can be safely networked via the EFI interface. The connection with the standard VIPA controller is made via fieldbus gateways for PROFIBUS or PROFINET. The integration into other networks is made via gateways for CANopen, Modbus/TCP and Ethernet/IP. Up to two gateways can be connected to a controller module. The signal status (variables) can be replaced bi-directionally via these gateways. Gateways that are based on Ethernet additionally allow an online access including programming and remote maintenance.

Structure and concept
samosPRO is a fast, compact, modular safety controller for monitoring and controling mechanical and system engineering applications. The system enables complete and economic safety solutions that are more flexible than conventional relay technology. The graphic device configuration and a functional diagram editor with extensive certified function block library ensure convenient and clear programming. The modular design also allows expansion at a later stage and therefore flexible planning with fewer module variations. Up to 12 input and output expansion modules each with a width of 22.5 mm can be connected to a controller module. In this way 8 to 96 safe inputs and 4 to 48 safe outputs can be implemented. The safety control system samosPRO is certified in accordance with EN 61508 to SIL 3, EN 62061 to SIL CL 3 and in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1:2006 up to Performance Level e/category 4. This covers the requirements of mechanical and system engineering applications. The modules can be mounted on a 35mm profile rail.

EasyConn connections

EasyConn Connections

VIPA EasyConn plugs are for PROFIBUS users. They are constructed with diagnostic LEDs, integrated as standard, which are clearly visible from all sides making this plug a standard for all your PROFIBUS installations.

Slave interface Cards for SIMATIC S5

Slave interface Cards for SIMATIC S5

The IM 306 modules, or PROFIBUS-DP slave interface cards for the SIMATIC S5, enable easy, economical and safe upgrade to newer control systems with PROFIBUS-DP master interfaces, while maintaining the SIMATIC S5 peripherals from Siemens.