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Omron RX Inverter

Omron RX Inverter DrivesThe Omron RX inverter: Omron realises that you need quality and reliability, plus the ability to easily and quickly customise your inverter to the application in hand. And with the RX, you have the perfect tool for the job. Naturally it combines the same high level of quality and performance for which Omron is renowned. It also has abundant application functionality on board and you can customise it yourself to match your precise requirements.

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  • Up to 400kW
  • Built-in EMC filter
  • Sensor-less and vector closed-loop control
  • High starting torque in open loop (200% at 0.3 Hz)
  • Built-in EMC Filter
  • Full torque at 0 Hz in closed loop
  • Built-in logic programmability
  • Built-in application functionality
  • Automatic energy saving
  • Micro-surge voltage suppression
  • Built-in Modbus RS485 (options for other networks)

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Buy RX Inverter Online

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