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Goodwin Electronics has over 25 years experience in the design and manufacture of electronic control & positioning systems, providing practical solutions from the most basic through to the more complex. We work closely with all our clients to fully identify what they need, and then help them to achieve it - from concept to reality - a complete solution tailored for their business.

Our client list ranges from small independent companies through to large multi national companies. Whilst customer size may differ all our clients share a common link, whatever their size, and that is complete satisfaction and great loyalty.

The latest and best solution for all your new servo projects.

YASKAWA Sigma 7 Servo Motors and Drives now available

in 400v and 200v

sigma 7 servos

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Yaskawa Sigma-7

Introducing VIPA SLIO (slice input and output).

A modular and extremely compact control and I/O system. s new Sigma-7 servo systems follow on from Sigma-5 by delivering the highest performance in the industry. As well as Sigma-5s exceptional positioning accuracy along with shortest possible positioning times the Sigma-7 series provides additional advantages .

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Supply Integration Design and Build

Our strong Partnerships with the leading players in motion control allow us direct access to the latest technology in drives, motors, scales, encoders, transducers and precision gearboxes.

Partnerships include the following: Yaskawa, Omron, Baumer, Givi Misure and VIPA


Market leaders in Design, Development and Build of complete integrated systems for all types of control.

Our solutions will optimise your equipment potential allowing you to maximise your business opportunities.


Market leaders in the Design & Manufacture of complete systems for all types of control.

We will provide cost effective state of the art solutions whatever your requirements.